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Hydraulic Walking Pile Frame BZ70

Hydraulic Walking Pile Frame BZ70

Our hydraulic walking pile frame BZ70 is usually used in combination with ZKD series multi-pipe drilling rigs. It provides an ideal solution for SML construction or pile hammers.
Hydraulic walking pile frames are widely applied to excavation of deep foundation, dam reinforcement, subway station, anti seepage wall, pile preparation, etc.

Characters of Hydraulic Walking Pile Frame BZ70:
1. Stable main machine system
2. Comfortable driving room
3. Simple operation system, and only one operator is enough
4. Our hydraulic walking pile frames are equipped with advanced imported parts
5. Convenient installation and transportation
6. Sensitive and flexible safety management unit
7. Excellent and fast service
Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Walking Pile Frame BZ70:

Overall height of column (m) 24~39
Column guide center distance (mm) 600×Φ101.6
Column angle range Forward and backward ( °) ±1.5
Leftward and rightward ( °) ±1.5
Matched drilling rig model ZKD100-3
Max. column length (m) 39
Drilling construction Hydraulic winch Single pull (KN) 91.5max Wound roll NO 1:
Speed (m/min) 0~26 for earth auger
Hydraulic winch Single pull (KN) 68max Wound roll No2: for drilling pipe
Speed (m/min) 0~32
Rotary angle of platform ( °) ±10
Longitudinal moving speed (m/min) <2.7
Transverse moving speed (m/min) <4.5
Frame hoisting speed (m/min) <0.55
Frame hoisting height (mm) +450~-450
Step Transverse (mm) 3100
Longitudinal (mm) 800
Track distance During working (mm) 9100
During moving (mm) 4800
Wheel distance During working (mm) 4800
During moving (mm) 5000
Longitudinal track Length (mm) 9500
Width (mm) 1200
Transverse track Length (mm) 6900
Width (mm) 1700
Contact area pressure ratio    (Mpa) ≤0.1
Motor power (kW) 45
Hydraulic system pressure  (Mpa) 25
Hydraulic system operation mode Manual or electrically
Total weight (t) ≈132.5

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