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Hydraulic Air Actuated Down Hole Hammer SH25H

Hydraulic Air Actuated Down Hole Hammer SH25H

Our hydraulic air actuated down hole hammer is a new type of pile foundation construction equipment mainly used to drill into bedrock. It integrates the functions of rotary drilling rig, down-hole hammer, and hydraulic diaphragm wall grab, and has many superior processing properties. The down-hole hammer is driven to impact the rock, aiming at smashing the rock and cut the rock into pieces. This machine discharges materials by air-lift in reverse circulation way and air direct circulation way. Besides, it realizes the fast continuous drilling of big cross-section original rock. What's more, the host machine can conveniently switch between the functions of impacting, rotary digging and long screw drilling.

Features of Hydraulic Air Actuated Down Hole Hammer SH25H
1. For different geologies, this down hole hammer can use multiple drills.
2. Its big triangle structure provides high stability.
3. The hydraulic pneumatically actuated down hole hammer can drill the bedrock.
4. A screw air compressor is matched with the machine, which greatly enhances the drilling efficiency.
5. It is equipped with an elastic drilling rod, which effectively avoids the complex work of adding drilling rod.
6. With a rotary head swinging at 180 degrees, our hydraulic air actuated down hole hammer can easily switch drilling and impacting functions.
7. The rubber hose winch system enables the air inlet hose and the air exhaust hose to spread or intertwine timely as the depth of the drilling hole changes.
Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Air Actuated Down Hole Hammer SH25H

Type SH25H
Height of tower(mm) 23860
Weight of base machine (without drilling tools)(t) 70.5
t 12
Cylinder stroke (mm) 5700
Cylinder pressure force (kN) 220
Cylinder pulling force(kN) 220
Single line pulling force of the main winch (kN) 220
Rope diameter of the main winch (mm) 26
Max. speed of the main winch line (m/min) 60
Single line pulling force of the auxiliary winch (kN) 75
Rope diameter of the auxiliary winch (mm) 18
Max. speed of the auxiliary winch line (m/min) 45

Thank you for visiting the website of Jintai Engineering Machinery Company! We are a professional manufacturer of hydraulic down the hole hammer in China, and we are mainly engaged in the manufacture of various drilling equipment. Our drilling equipment are complete in variety and have been CE certified. In addition to down hole hammers, we also produce hydraulic diaphragm wall grab, water well drilling rig, gas drilling rig, and other related products. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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