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SX 30 Double Cutter Drilling Rig

SX 30 Double Cutter Drilling Rig

Adopting Hagglund CA210 motor drive, SX 30 double cutter drilling rig has its cutters connected with the frame, and the frame is connected with the main winch through steel rope and lifting pulley. The type of the base machine is SG60, which is equipped with double tubing winch, discharge tubing winch, compressed air pipe winch, pressure retaining oil tank. Linked with the frame and driven by the oil cylinder, the cutter head can move forward and backward, and rock debris cut by it will be discharged by suck slag tube through air lifting. In addition, the alignment cylinder on the frame can guarantee the verticality of the slot milling.

Technical Parameters of the Double Cutter Drilling Rig
Wall width (m) 0.8-1
Wall depth (m) 60
Single line pull of winch (kN) 300
System pressure (MPa) 33
Main pump flow (L/min) 2×380
Weight of trench cutter (t) 25
Total weight (w/o trench cutter) (t) 92.1
Base Machine  
Diesel Cummins QSM11-C
Max. rotation speed (rpm) 1800
Rated engine output (kW) 298
Retractable crawler undercarriage  
Model of undercarriage SH36-R455LC-7 JT90
Track shoe outer distance (mm) 3450-4600
Track shoes width (mm) 800
Towing force (kN) 630
Crawler speed (km/h) 1.5
Transport Weight(kg)  
Base carrier with lower mast, winch, counter weight, boom cylinder and hose drum 86100
Wherein: counter weight/ (kg) 20600
Upper mast, mast head 6000
Cutter head  
Output torque (k Nm) 70×2 (335bar)
Rotation speed Max. (rpm) 25
Motor displacement (ml/r) 13200×2 (CA210)

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