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SPJ(tc) series Water Well Drilling Rig

SPJ(tc) series Water Well Drilling Rig

* The drilling depth made by these water well drilling rigs can be 300m, 400m, 600m.
* It can be mounted on vehicles or just be as separate machine as per customers' requirements.

Parameters of SPJ (tc) series Water Well Drilling Rig:

Model SPJT-300 SPJC-300 SPJT-400 SPJC-400 ST-600
Drilling rig state With Trailer In-vehicle With Trailer In-vehicle With Trailer
Hole depth (m) 300 300 400 400 600
Hole diameter (mm) 450 450 500 500 500
Torsion of rotary table (kn.m) 8 8 9.6 9.6 30
Speed of Torsion of rotary (r/min) 44,77,139 44,77,139 36,64,114 36,64,114 32,54,85,127,155
Through hole diameter (mm) 500 500 530 530 670
Pulling force of single wire of main winch (kn) 30 30 30 30 60
Pulling force of single wire of auxiliary winch (kn) 20 20 20 20 60
Main drill pipe Ф108 L=7650 Ф108 L=7650 Ф108 L=7650 Ф108 L=7650 Ф125 L=10500
Round drill pipe Ф89 L=6500 Ф89 L=6500 Ф89 L=6500 Ф89 L=6500 Ф95 L=9000
Drill tower load (kn) 180 180 240 240 360
Height of drill tower (m) 11.6 11.6 11.69 11.69 15.3
Power (kw) 37×2 37×2 37×2 37×2 45+55
Mud pump model BW850 BW850 BW850 BW850 BW720 BW1220
Weight (t) 10.2 13.5 13.5 16.8 35

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