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ZKD series Multi-pipe Drilling Rig

ZKD series Multi-pipe Drilling Rig

Working Principle of Multi-pipe Drilling Rig:
SMW method: mix and agitate soil and cement slurry in the original position to form underground diaphragm wall; The machine can be divided into three categories according to diameters: Ф650, Ф850 and Ф1000.
Two Types of SMW method:
①mixed by original soil and cement;
②inserting core materials into cement agitation body;
Advantages of Multi-pipe Drilling Rig:
1. Higher cutoff performance;
2. Lower impact on the surrounding ground;
3. Shorter construction period;
4. Multi-application;
5. Low vibration and noise;
6. Less spoils;
7. Less wall strength is required;
Applications of Multi-pipe Drilling Rig:
It's widely applied to the following fields:
Excavation support wall
Cut off wall
Ground reinforcement
Applicable soil of Multi-pipe Drilling Rig:
clay, powder soil and strong weathered rock. All kinds of soil whose standard penetration value is less than 50.
Construction Procedure:
When SMW drilling rig drills, cement slurry is poured into the left and right drilling pipes and compression air is injected into the middle drilling.
Applicable soil:
clay, powder soil and strong weathered rock.
And all kinds of soil whose standard penetration value less than 50.
Main Parameters of Multi-pipe Drilling Rig:

Model ZKD100-3 ZKD85-3 ZKD65-3 ZKD36-5
Drill bit diameter(mm) 1000 850 650 360
Number of drill pipe 3 3 3 5
Center distance of drill pipe (mm) 750×750 600×600 450×450 320×320
Drilling depth 30 30 30 30
Main power(kw) 75×3 75×2(90×2) 45×2 45×2
Speed of pipes 16 16 17.6 23
Rated torsion of single drill pipe(kn.m) 45 30 16.6 7.47
Drill pipe diameter (mm) Φ273 Φ273 Φ219 Φ159
Drive form Top drive by driving head Top drive by driving head Top drive by driving head Middle drive by driving head
Drill pipe connection Hexagonal, bolt Hexagonal, bolt Hexagonal, bolt Octagonal, bolt
Moving mode Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Operation Electric control Electric control Electric control Electric control
Total weight (kg) 39500 38000 21305 28000

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