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Main Products
    1. SG series Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grab
    2. Working Principle of Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grab: 1. Making guide wall;
      2. The machine digs along the guide wall; and at the same time, using inclinator to measure the verticality;
      3. Adjust the grab verticality to keep the wall precision;
      4. Slurry should be used to prevent wall collapse.....
    1. SD series Rotary Drilling Rig
    2. SD series Rotary Drilling Rig Chassis: extensible chassis with strong flexibility to improve stability of rotary drilling rig.
      Power parts: Cummins series turbocharged engine, which with good reliability
      Electric control system: adopts the leveling system from Shanghai PalFin Co., Ltd.
      Hydraulic power system: rotary drilling rig adopts hydraulic ...
    1. SH Series Rotary Drilling Rig
    2. SH Series Rotary Drilling Rig Our SH Series rotary drilling rig is widely applied for the construction of high building, bridge foundation, water conservancy projects, etc. It is especially good for the complex stratum containing much water. SH series products are more reliable in working, better accurate in drilling hole due to the triangle structure compared with SD series. ..
    1. SC Series Hydraulic Cutting and Mixing Drill Rigs
    2. As the most effective equipment for foundation construction, SC series hydraulic cutting and mixing rigs can achieve the lowest cost by mixing cement and rock soil together. Adopting full hydraulic driving technology, it is a new kind of deep mixing machine featured by large working torque and easy operation. It is mainly applied to the continuous wall construction of complex layers. There are many successful construction cases of our product ...
    1. SE30 Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig
    2. As a new type of piling machine, SE30 hydraulic rotary drilling rig combines new technology and process of modern full hydraulic piling machinery, endowing the machine features like easy operation, good mobility, and high working efficiency. Equipped with international famous brand key components, our product has stable and reliable quality, and has reached the advanced level of same products in the world ...
    1. SX 30 Double Cutter Drilling Rig
    2. Adopting Hagglund CA210 motor drive, SX 30 double cutter drilling rig has its cutters connected with the frame, and the frame is connected with the main winch through steel rope and lifting pulley. The type of the base machine is SG60, which is equipped with double tubing winch, discharge tubing winch, compressed air pipe winch, pressure retaining oil tank. Linked with the frame and driven by the oil cylinder, the cutter head can move forward and backward ...
About us

Established in 1921, Jintai was the first enterprise in China which was dedicated to the research, development, and manufacture of underground foundation construction machinery. Our predecessor was the Shanghai Mine Exploration Machinery Factory, and we are now jointly held by the LiuGong Group and Shanghai Electric & Mechanic Industry Company Ltd.

At the forefront of the R&D of underground machinery in China, we concentrate on constant development and innovation. In fact, it is our goal at Jintai to build a solid foundation together, and to create a century project together. We are proud to be the force that has driven the underground foundation construction machinery industry of China to the high level of quality and reliability that it now is, on a par with its international counterparts.

We have developed a complete system of underground construction machinery, including eleven categories such as SG hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs, SD/SH rotary drilling rigs, and others. Our machinery is widely utilized in the construction of underground foundation, bridges, ports, airports, high speed roads, railways, water conservancy projects, as well as for geology explorations.

Hot products
    1. ZKD series Multi-pipe Drilling Rig Working Principle of Multi-pipe Drilling Rig:
      SMW method: mix and agitate soil and cement slurry in the original position to form underground diaphragm wall; The machine can be divided into three categories according to diameters: Ф650, Ф850 and Ф1000. ...
    1. GPS series Engineering Drilling Rig It is used to create shafts in the construction ground including high building, port, dam and other basic construction as well as drill water well.
      The max drilling diameter is 3m and max drilling depth of this engineering drilling rig is 130m...
    1. SPJ(tc) series Water Well Drilling Rig The drilling depth made by these water well drilling rigs can be 300m, 400m, 600m.
      It can be mounted on vehicles or just be as separate machine as per customers' requirements ...